B.S. Computational Media

I graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2011 with a B.S. in Computational Media and a double minor in French and Spanish. I sampled in a variety of object oriented programming languages used in the development of computer graphics and animation. Other courses focused on the study digital media, including film and user-interface design.


  • Basics of Visual Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computing and Society
  • Constructing Proofs
  • Digital Video Special Effects
  • Education Technology
  • Film Studies
  • Interaction Design
  • Media Device Architecture
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Technologies of Representation
  • User Interface Design

Object-Oriented Programming

Java: Knots

This project used the Processing IDE to create two ropes that can be tied together and animated. Basic properties of physics govern how the ropes interact with one another. Features included allowing the user to manipulate the ropes, rotate the camera, save and load existing ropes or knots, and play and record animations.

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Java: Knots Screenshots

Java: Image Warper

This project uses Processing IDE to warp an image based upon the calculation of cubic Bezier curves. A curve is animated based upon four editable control curves C1, C2, C3, and C4. This warp slowly evolves from each of these key curves, interpolating the curves in between. Images can be morphed based upon the flow of this curve. The user can edit the key curves, adjust the speed of the animation, toggle through a set of pictures, and adjust the magnitude of the warp on the image.

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Java: Image Warper Screenshots

Game Design

Game Boy Advance: Winter Extreme

This game for Game Boy Advance uses Visual HAM to program in C.

The object of the game is to guide the snowboarding penguin sprite down the slope using the arrow keys, avoiding trees and hitting the jumps. Points are awarded for making the jumps, and lives are deducted for falling. The slope gradually gets steeper and the jumps get higher. Once the penguin reaches the bottom of the slope, he can jump back on the ski lift and keep going! If the penguin loses all 9 lives, the game is over. The penguin can also end the session, and be ranked according to his score.

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Game Boy Advance: Winter Extreme Screenshots

Mythical Avatar Creator

This avatar creator created with the Processing IDE is a creative twist on basic video game avatar generators.

It blends body parts of mythical creatures from 4 different cultures: Egyptian, European, Greek, and Hindu .The head of a creature signifies personality or thoughts; the body signifies unique powers; the legs signify its actions.

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Mythical Avatar Creator Screenshots

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Videos

Watch a selection of simple visual effects videos that incorporate compositing and match-move technology. These projects are edited with Maya, After Effects, and the Processing IDE.


Visual Effects Videos

Computer Animation

Computer Animation Videos

These short animated videos demonstrate 3D modeling, keyframe animation, and particle animation that I created with Maya.


Computer Animation Videos