Web Development

Since 2011, I have worked as a full-stack web developer in Atlanta, GA where my responsibilites have included:

  • programming PHP web apps & content management systems
  • creating RESTFUL APIs to integrate web apps with iOS apps
  • information architecture & for MySQL databases
  • using MVC frameworks including Zend and Laravel
  • working with other developers using Git & Mercurial source control
  • implementating 3rd-party API modules
  • custom WordPress theme & plugin development
  • front-end responsive design


DVIDS (Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System) is a Department of Defense government contract that provides a connection between media outlets and the military serving worldwide.

Using Laravel and Zend frameworks, I work with a team of developers to create a custom PHP/MySQL content management system where military journalists can upload and manage their media assets. Military personnel, civilians, and media outlets can browse DoD media and receive automated distributions of relevant images, video, and more.

DVIDS Hub Reports Interface

I programmed a highly customized and interactive PHP/MySQL reporting interface that uses a RESTful API (Application Program Interface) to deliver database statistics on media distributions, downloads, placements, Teletrax detections, communication objectives, and audience metrics. I integrated the reports interface with Google Charts API to deliver spreadsheets and interactive graphs and global maps for data analysis by military personnel.

Web Apps & iOS Integration

Product & data, management, social networking, & more

3rd Party API Integration

Google Charts, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Teletrax, Viddler, & more

Custom WordPress Plugins

Portfolio managers, foreign language togglers, call tracking & more

Responsive Design